How do I add a location?

You can add coordinates in the edit page or, on the map page, select the destination on the smartphone and then click on the desired location on the map.

Does the app have navigation?

The app does not have navigation. When you click the call map button on a destination, it sends out a navigate call to your phone. This leaves you free to use whichever navigation you prefer

Some navigator apps work better offline than others. Holzap recommends MapFactor GPS Navigation because it allows you to download your maps before you go.

How much does it cost?

Its free but we have to pay the bills somehow so there is an add when you open the app and a rewarded video to watch when you are downloading your holiday. Dont like ads? Shhhh, dont tell anyone but if you switch to offline in settings the ad wont load. We may change this model as we go along

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